Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Well, last night I tried to work more on the afghan - and it was just a total disaster. So, I ended up frogging the whole thing - it's really not an easy feat doing lace work with mohair and holding two strands together at once!

So, I realized one of the big problems is that my needle wasn't working for me. In the pattern, I need to do a yarn over, slip the next, and then knit the next two together and pass the slipped stitch over the two knit together. Basically, it became very difficult for me to get the tip of my needle in to knit the two together. So, I went today to a LYS and picked up a different size and style of needle - and it's working much better! I've done a total of six rows and so far no errors! Hooray! What a difference a needle can make!

Here's the progress so far:

Overall image

Close-up of stitches

Again, sorry the image quality isn't so hot. One day I will have a good digital camera.

Ok - but get this - I got such a great compliment today. As I was getting my new and improved needles for the project, the woman working at the LYS actually complimented me on my scarf - that's the same scarf in the sidebar! She said it was just beautiful. What a thrill to get such a nice compliment from a yarn goddess! It really made my day.

So, back to working on the afghan...the engagement isn't too far away!


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