Monday, March 27, 2006

Back at the ranch

I'm home! It's so great to be back home. Don't get me wrong - the conference in San Fran was nice and all - but it's nice to be back to my routine - with my hubby and my cats. I learned a lot at the conference - it gave me some good ideas for my own research. So, I guess on that end it was successful.

It was also successful on the knitting front. As of this evening, the pieces of my To Dye For sweater are finished and I've seamed up the shoulders and have set in the sleeves. Tomorrow I'd like to try to finish it - but it probably won't happen because I have a fancy dance dinner tomorrow evening at the home of the president of the university. Yes, it's true. The president of the university is having all new faculty over to his home for dinner which I thought was quite a nice gesture. Unfortunately, it will probably cut into my knitting time..but we shall see.

Anyway, I'd thought I'd pass on some of the progress:

To Dye For So, here's the main body of the sweater

and a close-up of the lovely bell sleeve:

Sleeve I'm definitely liking the sweater more now. Plus, the yarn is so soft. I can't wait to finally wear it! The verdict is still out on how figure flattering it will be... so stay tuned for that!

Until then - I'm off to check on dinner!


Blogger The_Add_Knitter said...

Wow your sweater is lovely, I love the color and it looks soooo sooft! Nice work!

9:06 PM  

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