Friday, March 24, 2006

Yes, I'm still alive

Just wanted to drop a very quick note letting you all know that I am still alive! I am actually at a conference right now and so haven't had an opportunity to update my blog. All is well though. I think I had mentioned that I was looking forward to getting a lot of knitting done at this conference. Unfortunately, that hasn't exactly happened. I've been going to session after session - which has been quite interesting but also exhausting mentally and physically. So, I haven't knitted since the plane on Wednesday. I guess that's not so far away - but it just seems that way because I'm itching to knit! Between all of the sessions and work that I have to do and jetlag - I wasn't up to doing much knitting yesterday..but I'll try to get some in today.

I will be returning Sunday night - so hopefully by next week I'll have some good knitting progress to report!


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