Friday, March 10, 2006

I've reached the finish line!

Today, there's only good news. I finished the Manly Sweater! Yes, it's true. I got over my complaining with the mattress stitch. The seams came out pretty decently. The only ones I would have liked to have done better were the shoulder seams - but all the others look pretty great. A giant improvement since Zeepy's Bag (there's a good reason why there's no closeup of that FO!!).

Anyway, no more anticipation. Here's the Manly Sweater finished and ready for blocking to begin:

So, not too shabby for my first sweater, huh? The red stripe is much more maroony - here it looks very bright. But, you get the basic idea.

Now the sweater is sitting and blocking - I'm hoping that I was able to get the sleeves to shorten a little and the shoulder seams to flatten a little.

Once that's done, I'll have hubby model it for the full effect...but that might be a couple of days. What's more frustrating though is that the weater is getting warm. Too warm for him to actually wear the sweater! Let's hope for a freak snow storm. Otherwise, my work will remain in the closet until November!!! Regardless, it's the process, right?

In other knitting news, I also started up the To Dye For sweater. I'm loving the Kid Silk Haze - sooooo soft. Here's my progress on that so far:

Again, not the greatest picture - it's more lavender in real life. It's knitting up pretty quickly so I'm hoping it won't be too long before I'll have a sweater to call my own! Lucky for me, it's such a light mohair that I'll certainly be able to wear it in the spring.

Although I must say, after these two sweaters, I'll be working on a few things that will give me gratification a little sooner.

Other than knitting, all has been going pretty well - but very busy. I've been bombarded with students recently. But, that's a good thing since they're really such a pleasure to meet with!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Anonymous Esther said...

The Manly Sweater is GORGEOUS!! Great job!

2:46 PM  

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