Saturday, April 01, 2006

Sweater #2 in the can!

Well, it's been quite a busy week! First - knitting news: the To Dye For sweater is finished!! All done and blocked too. Here I am modelling it:

So, here it is from the front - again, sorry about el crapola camera. The colors are just horrible - but to get a better sense of the color of the sweater, check out some of the pictures in the previous post (if you haven't already).

Here's also a side view:

So, what do you think? I'm happier with it now that it's all done than before...but I still think it makes me look a little chunky. I think it's a combination of the large gauge (knit on size 13 needles) and that the yarn isn't form fitting. But, I must say that as my second sweater, I'm quite pleased.

So, what's next on the horizon? Oh - there has been such drama on that end. So, I ordered online the yarn for the Streakers Shrug. The thing is that it's a special yarn - Streakers by Lalana Wools. I ordered 5 skeins - which is more than I would need but just to be safe. Anyway, all is fine until the day that I check my bank account and see that about $128 has been deducted. I thought that there had to be some mistake because I had calculated that it would come to around $32 since I thought it was a little over $6 per skein. But, it turns out that I didn't read the fine print. It's actually $6.50 per ounce - not per skein and each skein has 4 oz. Yikes! So, I cancelled my order. Needless to say, I was quite disapppointed with the whole thing.

Well, today I went to one of my favorite LYS and found what I consider to be a very appropriate replacement. It's Rio de la Plata in dusk blue. It's really just lovely and much more reasonable - especially compared to paying $26 a skein. I also tried to purchase Rowan 4 ply cotton for my vintage project, but they were out. Sadly though, no knitting can go on because I ordered my needles through the internet and even though I ordered them on Monday - they're not here yet! Waaaaah! So, my itching fingers will need to wait.

In other news, school has been busy busy busy. That fancy dinner I went to was quite nice. The president of the university is living in quite a nice pad if I do say so. It was catered and allowed me to meet some of the other new faculty. So, that was quite nice. I also started running an experiment this past week so I was very busy with that and had been staying late at school all week.

Tonight, DH is on call in the hospital - so it's just me. It would have been a perfect time to get in some quality knitting - but that won't happen. However, I'll probably take the opportunity to catch up on all of those chick flicks.

Also, I signed up for Secret Pal 8. This will be my first time as a secret pal so I am very excited!!!


Blogger Amy said...

Sweater looks great, I was thinking of making it myself so I was waiting to see how yours turned out. I signed up for SP8 too! can't wait

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