Monday, May 01, 2006

Am I now thrown out of the club?

First, I apologize that it's been a few days since I've posted. With the end of the semester upon me, Prof. Knitwit has been up to her eyeballs. I'm hoping that I'll have more time for blogging once classes finally finish - May 9th. Counting the days! That's not to say that I won't be busy during the summer. For those of you not involved in academia, no classes does not mean vacation. All it means is exactly that - no classes...but I will still be working on research, writing papers and grants and preparing my courses for Fall. But, not having classes is one less thing to deal with.

So, as promised, I have some pictures to show you of the Streakers Shrug.

Here's a front view of the shrug. Note the kitty in the upper left corner

Here's a side view - again curious kitty on the side.

Did I mention how much I love this shrug? I loved knitting it and I love wearing it even more. When I'm not wearing work clothes and not dying of heat in my apartment that still doesn't have A/C, I'm wearing the shrug. It's absolutely my favorite piece that I've knitted so far.

I also have something else to report. I love crocheting. I had my second and final crochet class last Friday, and I love it. It's just so much easier and faster than knitting. So, I've recently been crocheting more than knitting. Hence the title of my entry - does this mean that I'm thrown out of the knitting club? Of course I'm still knitting - I'm actually working on a scarf for my mom for Mother's Day (The Airy Scarf from Last-Minute Knitted Gifts) - but I've been having so much fun with crochet. So much fun in fact, that I've finished my first scarf. I finished my first scarf in only a few hours - compared to about a week that it took me to complete my first knitted scarf. So, here's my first crochet's the One Skein Scarf from Stoller's Happy Hooker Crochet Book .

So cute right? It's bright blue - I don't know if you can tell. I'm also in the process of working on another crochet scarf from Hooked on Crochet by Candi Jensen. I recently picked up the book and just love it.

So, why the shame? Why should I need to feel as if I'm need to explain away my love for crochet? What is it about this knitting vs. crochet rivalry? Why can't we all just get along?

In other news, I was contacted again about SP8 - so excited!!


Blogger Polly said...

Hey there, This is your SP8 Hostess, letting you know you will be getting a partner soon. I always love it when people take pictures of themselves. They seem more animated and excited.

9:59 PM  

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