Friday, June 02, 2006

The week comes to a close

Well, the work week is just about over - I can't believe it. Overall, it was a pretty quiet week - I managed to get a fair bit of writing done and prep for my course in the fall. Of course, there's plenty ahead but I'm making progress.

Progress is also happening on the afghan and the lace tee. 12 squares are now done and I have about 3 inches left of the back of the lace tee before I start shaping under the arms.

I heard some shocking news also that's been on my mind so I thought I'd blog a little about it. Do you remember those friends of mine who got engaged very suddenly? You know, the couple who I made that amazing afghan for a few months ago? Well, I'm pretty sure that the engagement is off. I'm waiting to hear about the details, but I'm pretty sure it's done considering that on my friend's friendster page, it says that she's single and all the pictures she had posted with them together have been deleted. Plus, a little while ago, he had mentioned in passing to my husband that things were a little rocky between them. So, I tried calling her cell and haven't managed to get in touch with her yet - just left a I don't know any details. But, I'm just so sad for them. I'm 99.999% positive he broke off the engagement - and it's just terrible because they had a date, booked the place, and she had a dress. I know that it's better that the engagement is broken off rather than them getting divorced down the line especially if kids ever came into the picture...but it still must be very hard for her to handle.

In other news, more positive news, I leave for Charleston on Sunday morning - 4:55am to be exact according to my dad. Did I mention that we're driving down? And that my dad is totally anal-retentive that way with time? I'll try to post, but regardless, I'll be back on the 8th - so I won't be absent for too long.

So, then let me just leaving you with this - a sleeping picture of Sam:


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