Thursday, September 14, 2006

Oh yes I can!

Well, I got back from the conference earlier this week. I wish I could say that it was a good conference, but it wasn't all that useful. My poster describing my research project was very well receiving though - so that's the important thing. So, because most of the research had nothing to do with my area of interest, my husband and I had a little vacation in London. It was fabulous!! I just love that city - it feels like coming home for me. We managed to cram in quite a bit in just a couple of days.

Oh, and I did do some shopping - oh yes! I went to this department store, Liberty, which was recommended as one of the best knitting shops in London...and it was! The store is a Rowan wonderland - I've never seen so much Rowan yarn in every color imaginable...and they had all of the Rowan books - as well as Jaeger too. The prices on the books especially were much better than over here. So, from RYC, I got the new Alpaca book, and well as Classic Garden, and Classic Woman. Then, I spotted the Jaeger Roma book from Spring 2006 which I also loved and bought..and fell in love with the pattern called Sissy in particular.
So, I took the opportunity to purchase the yarn for the pattern there as well. Very successful trip indeed!!

Other than that, this week has been a busy one at school! I have this new advising position - don't be impressed - it's just that no one else in the department wanted to do it - anyway, it's created a ton of work. I have students up the wazoo making appointments with me to discuss their futures...but the students have been finding it useful and helpful so that's what's important. Classes themselves are really in full force and very busy. So far though they're going very well.

Lastly, I've hit a major knitting milestone. I've really wanted to knit socks for some while but I've been having trouble with dpns for sometime. Well....

I've conquered those pointy beasts! There's the beginning of my k2p2 ribbing!! Anyway, I'm sure that I'll run into more bumps in the road along the way - but it's a major accomplishment to have conquered those dpns - they've been causing me a ton of frustration lately.


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