Thursday, December 07, 2006

Knitters unite!

Another busy week comes to a close. I'll tell you...there's just something about the end of the semester that drives me nuts. Aside from all of the papers that are due and exams (and yes, I'm still grading stacks and stacks of those papers) the end of the semester I always find that I'm sort of sick of my classes. I felt this way as a student too - so it's definitely time to move onto another semester!

I have been knitting though despite the craziness. I've been meaning to give an update on the next pair of socks I've been working on. Here are my Oriel toe-up socks:

The pattern is another good one from Sensational Knitted Socks - but it's an intermediate sock pattern so I'm taking it up a notch! The stitch pattern is a little hard to see - I think you'll get a better feel for it once I've finished it and can try it on. But, it's been taking a little longer because the stitch pattern is a little tricky. In terms of the sock itself, it's knit in a peachy Koigu.

Actually, so I have an interesting story to tell about these socks. So, this week I did a sort of stitch n bitch session as part of this community service project at a home for people with HIV/AIDS. It was my first time at this particular center...and the more knitters I meet, the more I realize that the online knitting community is not representative of your average knitter. I took out the sock and you would have thought that I had brought out the most complicated knitting project ever created. Most of the knitters there did not know how to purl and never moved beyond scarves. I don't know - it's just such a weird thing..because I thought everyone was like the average knitting blogger - and that my knitting skills are nowhere near those of many online knitters. But, instead I was treated like the "expert knitter". Weird. So, it was kind of a bizarre eye-opening experience.

In other news, I also started a hat for DH. After working on the gloves, he decided that he wanted a hat to match. So, I may need to run out and get another skein - for the moment I'm working on leftovers from the gloves and have gotten this far:
The hat is based on the basic hat pattern from Ann Budd's Handy Book of Patterns. The bottom edge is 3x3 ribbing - and then just stockinette. It's looking like I will probably run out of yarn - but we'll see.

That's it for now! Have a great weekend.


Blogger Purse_Ho said...

it is kind of funny to see how other people knit. I have met people that see me knit and they say "oh i'm a knitter too! but all i know how to make is scarves." I sometimes want to laugh, but that's discouraging. are a knitting goddess :)

i love your socks. they look lovely!

9:56 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

Anyone who knits gloves is hardcore! :D Here's to surviving the end of the semester.

10:37 PM  
Anonymous LindaB said...

It just goes to show you that there are many different levels of knitting . . . I consider myself a mid-beginner and other people see me as an expert because I did one pair of socks . . . its weird when people come into the knitting sock, ask a question and you know the answer!!!! Love the color of the new socks you are working on!!!!

5:43 PM  
Blogger JayJay said...

I completely understand how you feel about the end of the semester! I am so excited to have a break. :)

Your sock looks gorgeous! It's true that the online knitters are select bunch. I feel like such an underachiever because I can't whip a new sweater every couple weeks!

6:48 PM  
Blogger blueadt said...

I've knitted Oriel in Regia color & loved the pattern. It does look a lot better once you've washed them & mine are sooooo comfortable. I've done a photo gallery of the construction process if you're interested.

12:06 PM  

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