Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Back to normal with a finished back

Things over here have been pretty much back to normal. This weekend was a little crazy though so I didn't get much knitting or crocheting done. On Saturday, there was a conference in honor of my undergraduate advisor that I had to attend which took up the whole day and left no time for knitting...I didn't think it would be appreciated if I brought my projects. People just wouldn't understand and would probably be offended! On Sunday, lots of errands errands and more errands.

However, yesterday, I did finish up the back of the lace tee:

I'm pretty happy with it so far - although I think something went wrong up by the shoulders. One side seems higher up than the other - I'm not sure sure why that would be. So, I'm just hoping that it straightens itself out or that it won't be visible when worn especially since it's the back of the tee.

I also got one square done yesterday after school. So, after today, one third of the squares will be finished!

Other than that, I've been busy writing at school. I'm almost ready to send out a paper for review so that'll be great once that's out of my hair. Have no fear though - there are PLENTY of other things that I need to work on writing. Plus, I've been working hard on putting together this course for the fall.

That's it for now - I'll probably be sending out my second package for my SP8 tomorrow. Wish I could fill you in on more - but it's a secret!!


Blogger Polly said...

The lace part looks fabulous!

12:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

your lace tee looks so nice.

something you might do when sewing it together is "easing in" the bits that make it appear unbalanced. will you do a mattress stitch or something else? i know with mattress stitch you should be able to "ease in" the parts you find uneven.

it doesn't look off from your photo, but your perspective is best, and often i find that i'm my own worst critic when it comes to my handiwork.

can't wait to see how this looks on!

your 1skein pal

7:40 PM  
Anonymous Your SP8 Pal said...

Your top is coming along beautifully . . . can't wait to see the finished project . . . and I agree its hard to knit in a group setting if the people do not understand "the way of the string!"

11:53 AM  

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