Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Thank You, One Skein Pal!

I got such a wonderful surprise today when I came home. There was a package waiting for me from my one skein secret pal! There were so many goodies inside - I couldn't wait to post about it.

The skein - this is a one skein exchange afterall!! Well, I didn't receive just one skein but two arrived in the mail! The one on the left is a skein of natural 100% wool from Beaverslide Dry Goods. It's a little hard to tell from the picture, but the skein is more of a maroony type color (technically, it's autumn dogwood). I absolutely love it!! It's so rustic and seems like it will be so warm. I think that I will eventually use it to make a hat or some other winter type garment - maybe gloves or mittens.

The second one on the right is Outback Mohair from Plymouth Yarn. I do love mohair and these are some of my favorite colors so this is right up my alley! It actually reminds me a lot of the contrasting color I used in the afghan I had made back for the engagement. It's hard to tell from the picture - but these are practically the exact same colors. I loved them then and I love them now!

But, that's not all! There was also this:

At the top is a lovely note from my one skein pal. Then, underneath that is an adorable cell phone holder called "poire" - which means pear in french (because if you notice, the cell phone holder is in the shape of a pear!) and the blue package is a package of cards and envelopes. I can certainly always use more stationary - especially as a secret pal!

Oh, but we're still not done! Candy!
Pez and pop rocks! I haven't had these in ages! But, these were some of my favorite candies as a child! Yum!

And, we're still not done if you can believe it - and I've left one of the best to the last (they're all the best, it's hard to decide, but this is certainly extremely thoughtful):
freud and jung
They're magnetic dolls of Carl Jung (left) and Sigmund Freud (right). You see, my one skein pal has done a little detective work and discovered that I'm a psychologist - which up until now I haven't revealed on my blog. For those of you who aren't into psychology, both Jung and Freud had a major impact on the field - especially in the clinical and personality domains. They were close friends and colleagues but then had a falling out for reasons that are a little beyond the realm of my knitting blog. When I saw these two little guys, I just burst out laughing - they're so cute and such a thoughtful gift. I will definitely be keeping these little guys in my office!

So, my one skein pal - thank you thank you thank you!! This is really way above and beyond what was expected. I feel very fortunate to have you as my secret pal and feel very spoiled indeed!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm so glad that everything arrived.

and thank you for such a sweet thank you!

oooops. didn't mean to out you, professionally. but i saw those finger puppets and knew you had to have them. you know, like if you shoudl ever need to explain something to a student. puppets usually capture their attention....

i know you deal with an older crowd. but anyway...

1 skein pal

7:43 PM  
Blogger msfortuknit said...

I sooo love these guys! I had the option of them or edgar allen poe and poe wone out!

5:31 PM  

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