Monday, September 25, 2006

And then there were two

Well, since my last post I finished my first pair of adult socks! Here I am modelling them:
So, what do you think? I'm very pleased with them...and now I'm totally in love with sock knitting. These were so fast to knit - it's great! I think each sock took me about 2 days!! Can't beat that! I think that my next pair will be for my husband once I get him to pick out a stitch pattern he likes.

Speaking of my husband, it will be one of many projects that I'll be working on for him in the next little while. Including - a crocheted runner for the bookcase in his office and a pair of gloves.

I also heard from my husband that friends of ours are expecting...and soon! So, I need to get cracking on a gift for the new baby. Well, I settled on a baby blanket..and maybe a hat depending on how I'm feeling...but I told myself that I could not start a new blanket until I finished that crocheted afghan! Well, good news, the afghan is almost finished!!!! All squares are crocheted and sewn up!! What's remaining? I just need to sew in some of the ends and do some single crochet around the edge. So...almost there. It's looking great - it's certainly big enough. Once I officially finish it, I'll be sure to post the picture.

This past weekend I was with my family for Rosh Hashanah. I wouldn't exactly say it was the most pleasant experience - family holidays never really are...but it was good to see my parents. Did I mention that they live in Zurich now? So, I don't really get the opportunity to see them very often so it was good to catch up.


Blogger Emma said...

Isn't sock knitting the best? Yours look great--very cozy and squishy!

5:35 PM  
Blogger Purse_Ho said...

VERY VERY NIIIIICE! i'm proud of you! :)

4:24 AM  

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