Saturday, September 16, 2006

I did it!


It's my first sock completed!! Now, of course I can't wear it - it would probably fit a baby, but the point wasn't for me to wear the sock - the point was to learn how. In case you're wondering, I knit the Class Sock from the book Sensational Knitted Socks. If you haven't checked out the book and you're a sock knitter or you'd like to knit socks, GET THIS BOOK! It made learning how to knit socks doable.

Honestly, the hardest part was getting used to those dpns. Once you get that down, the rest isn't all that bad. In fact, I'm hooked - it's so much fun! I really like how there are all these different parts of the sock: cuff, gusset, heel flap, heel turn, etc. etc. It really makes the sock interesting. So, yesterday I went out and bought a bunch of sock yarn...because it doesn't really count towards my stash, right? Right???!!!

So, I'm currently working on my first REAL pair of socks - you know, a pair I could actually wear. I'm having a hard time putting it down it's so much fun. I'm currently working the gusset decrease of the 1st sock - next time you'll see a picture. But, I've chosen something super simple - just k2p2 for the cuff and st st for the rest...just to build my confidence. After this pair, I'll branch out to something more involved.

I must say also that learning how to use dpns have really opened up a whole new world. I haven't talked much about Matilda Jane in a while, right? Well, aside from me being too sick to knit for a few weeks, I slowed down because I started the sleeves and the pattern suggested to use 12" circs. Have you ever used 12" circs? Well, they're very small and very uncomfortable. So, I couldn't do too much in a sitting..but now that I learned how to use dpns, I've since moved the stitches onto dpns and things are much better - I'm able to move quicker and more comfortably. So, we're back on track - except my gauge has changed - so I need to purchase a larger set of dpns. So, hooray for dpns (never thought I'd say that one!)!

Are you also wondering about the crochet afghan? I've been working a little on it this week too. Plus, I've realized that we're not going to be able to do all 56 squares - it'll have to be 49. I just won't have enough yarn - that's become quite clear. Believe me - it's big enough!! So, I have only 2 more squares to go - and then they just need to be sewn up. Almost there!!!


Blogger Old Knitter said...

WOW . . . you have been one busy girl since you got back from England and I am very impressed with your sock . . . I'm still a "sock virgin" but you make it sound so easy . . . maybe I will give it a try . . .

4:25 AM  
Blogger Purse_Ho said...

your first sock looks FABULOUS!!! keep going with it! :) have you thought about doing magic loop? wait..forget i said anything. master the dpn's first..then consider magic loop :)

4:11 AM  

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