Friday, July 13, 2007

Now what?

Before I start the post for real, I want to thank all of you for leaving such kind comments. I was a little concerned that since I dropped off the face of blogland that I would have lost all of my readers as well. So, thanks!!

Anyway, so what have I been up to in the last few weeks? Well, school has definitely been a little slower - with the summer break and all. Still keeping up with the research - but it makes a big difference to not have classes constantly.

So, I sent in the baby gift and it was very well received. So, now it's onto the next set of baby gifts for my sister-in-law. We don't know the sex of the baby yet - so I decided on something gender neutral:

You're looking at the Cot Blanket from Natural Knits for Babies and Moms. I just love this book - and this looks like the perfect gender neutral project.

So, I started working on it - and have completed 3 squares. By the way, I will not be doing another 49 square bonanza. Oh, you know you remember this. No, I will never be doing that again. This baby blanket is much more manageable. Only 12 squares. That means that I've completed 25% of the squares for the entire blanket. Not bad!! Those are squares that I definitely can, it's kind of fun to knit.

Check out the squares I've knit so far:

So, on the left is the Six Heart Square (can you see the 6 hearts? It's a little tough w/the lighting). I've done 2 of those - they're all done (only 2 squares of each color, yay!). On the right is the plaid square - and I still have one more left of those.
Well, I'm enjoying it so far. By the time you get sick of the square, you get to move onto a different stitch pattern. The only thing that you get an opportunity to get sick of is the seed stitch border - and while it's annoying, it does look great.
That's it for now - enjoy the weekend everyone!